Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance is crucial to the consistent and reliable functioning of your building's elevator system. Preventive maintenance will not only lengthen the life of your elevator; it will also increase its safety and reliability. PES services a variety of vertical transportation systems.

With over a millennium of combined experience, our personnel are qualified elevator technicians who pride themselves in providing timely and accurate service. Our service technicians and repair teams are experienced in microprocessor and relay logic control systems and are qualified to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot a wide range of manufacturers' equipment. With this concentration of expertise, you can be confident that PES will keep your elevators in excellent working condition.

PES staff will perform an equipment survey and assist you in selecting the best maintenance plan to meet your needs. Our highly experienced technicians will provide customized service so that your equipment remains in optimal working order. Our building-specific maintenance control plans (MCPs) are precisely designed for your elevator equipment in compliance with code.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind PES' approach to elevator service. When repairs are needed, you can depend on the PES team to deliver efficient and comprehensive service that will quickly restore your elevator to peak working condition.

Our clients can choose from the following types of contracts:

  • Comprehensive
  • Limited 
  • Inspection 

PES provides 24-hour emergency dispatch with a two hour or less response time. 

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